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Moving Up Ceremony

At the end of each school year, usually on the first Friday afternoon and evening after school is out, Pack 521 has a moving up event for pack families fishing, games, pot luck dinner, followed by the Moving Up Ceremony. The key element in the ceremony is scouts crossing a monkey bridge (assembled just prior to the event.) The scouts also make a leather medallion at their first moving up event, and with each annual bridge crossing, they add an eagle feather to their medallion.


For leaders, here is how we've run the event and ceremony.

  • Have the flag up and assemble the bridge before people arrive, but no one crosses or plays on the bridge before the evening crossing ceremony.
  • Before dinner, gather the boys and parents, lead them in a simple grace, and have them serve themselves in an orderly manner.
  • After dinner, gather the boys, lead them in a cheer, praise them and parents, and yourselves for a great year.
  • Explain that in crossing the bridge they change from Tiger to Wolf, etc, and they earn an eagle feather for their medallion for each "crossing" with pack 521.
  • Cross the bridge in order, by dens, only one person at a time on the bridge.
  • After the scouts have crossed, invite new scouts and then siblings to cross the bridge too, because they too have joined our pack family.
  • Den leaders should bring baggies for each scout containing any awards they are due and present them as they prepare to mount the bridge, present an eagle feather when they cross the bridge.
  • "Spot" for kids as they cross. Some will slip and you need to be there to catch them.
  • Before and/or after the bridge crossing are good times for songs. God Bless My Underwear is mandatory.
  • Organize a flag lowering ceremony. Again congratulate and thank everyone for a great year.
  • The park official will kick us out at sunset, whether we are done or not, so be sure to allow enough time to conclude the ceremony and to pack up the monkey bridge.