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Camping - Cooking

[Updated May 22, 2007]


An inverted cardboard box lined and wrapped with 2 layers of heavy aluminum foil, applied with the shiny side out, fastened with glue or tape on the outside of the box. Use the lid to make a reflective floor for the oven. Use wire coat hangers to support baking pans above the charcoal. Use aluminum pans as baking pans and to hold charcoal. Supplies needed: Box with lid, duct tape, wire coat hangers, aluminum pans, match light charcoal and starter chimney, oven mittens or gloves, tongs to move charcoal, spatula, matches.

CAUTION! Burning charcoal, hot surfaces. Use tongs and gloves.

USING BOX OVENS - Works best if food is held near the top of the box, where heat is the greatest, in pans small enough to allow hot air to circulate to the top of the box. Prop the box open with a small rock to keep charcoal burning. Temperature is approximately 40 times the number of briquettes. (For pizza at 400 degrees, use at least 10 briquettes)


Bend and cut two coat hangers to form a long pair of tongs with opposing 3-inch square ends. A wire loop or a washer on the shaft draws and clamps the two ends together. Use tape and newspaper to make an insulated handle. Supplies needed: Coat hangers, washers or wire, tape, newspaper, wire cutters, pliers.

USING WIRE TOASTERS - Burn any paint or finish off before using for cooking. For grilled sandwiches, butter the inside surfaces of the bread.