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Camping - Gear Checklist

[Updated May 13, 2010]

Basic Equipment

  • Sunscreen
  • Strong bug repellant (May is the peak tick season)
  • Tent(s) for families
  • Sleeping bag
  • Air mattress or cushioning
  • Pillow
  • Tarp or plastic sheet for ground cloth

(Be prepared for cool evenings and sunny afternoons with a chance of rain. 58-75 is average  temerature range for our May camping trip.)

  • Pack in plastic bags in case things get wet
  • T-shirts, sweater or sweatshirt(s)
  • spring-weight jacket w/ hat or hood
  • Uniform required (hat, shirt, neckerchief)
  • Complete change of clothes
  • Sturdy shoes, and extra pair of shoes
  • Extra socks
  • Sweat suit, long johns, or pajamas
  • Work gloves (for conservation project)
  • Poncho or rain jacket

Toilet Kit

  • There are primitive outhouses and potable water is readily available.at the Calvert Cliffs State Park youth group sites. Scouts will make hand-washing stations (aka "piddlators). At the park's main entrance, 2-3 miles from the campsite, there are modern bathrooms.
  • Soap in container
  • Wash cloth, and small towel
  • Tooth brush and tooth paste tooth paste
  • Comb or hair brush
  • Toilet paper
  • 2 plastic bags for dirty clothes or shoes

Cooking Gear

  • Personal mess kit (Plate, cup, knife, fork, spoon)
  • Dip bag


  • Scout handbook
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Fishing gear and bait, for fishing from the shore in the Bay or in the fishing pond
  • Beach combing tools, e.g., for sifting sand for fossils
  • Compass
  • Canteen or water bottle
  • Small back pack
  • Cheap musical instrument or noise makers
  • Small game, cards, book
  • No pocket knives for Wolves and Tigers
  • No electronic devices

Pack Needs

  • Extra tent(s) for families
  • Coolers
  • Lanterns
  • Stoves
  • 5-gallon water containers
  • Tarps
  • Dining Fly
  • Saw
  • Animal, bird, bug, tree, and plant field guides
  • Telescope
  • Binoculars

Really Important!

  • All scouts need a current medical/insurance/emergency contact form (kept by leaders)
  • Because of animals you must not pack any food or snacks with your personal gear. No food in tents or stashed anywhere around the campsite.
  • All items should be labeled with Scout’s name.