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Song: My Mama Don't Wear No Socks!

First verse:
Singer:  My momma don't wear no socks.
Everyone: A ding-dong!
Singer: I seen where she took them off.
Everyone A ding-dong!
Singer: She threw them on the floor...
Everyone: A ding-dong!
Singer: So the cockroaches moved in next door!
Everyone: A ding-dong dong dong dong...
A ding-dong dong dong dong...
A ding-dong!

Subsequent verses:
She put them on a plate ... Guess what my brother ate!
She put them on the bed ... Next day my dad was dead!
She threw them in the sky ... Superman refused to fly!
She launched them into space... and that was the end of the human race!

More verses found on the internet:
She threw them in our tent ... sure wish we had a vent!
She threw them over the fence ... haven't seen our neighbours since!
She threw them in the fire ... those flames grew higher and higher!

Etc. etc. (use your imagination to make up new ones!)