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ItemWho Has It NowNotes
ItemWho Has It NowNotes
Amazing Racing Turtles Michael Casassa Game used at Join Scouting Night 
Beads Gabriela De La Garza-Vergara 12 yellow beads 46 black beads 20 white beads 11 orange beads 26 red beads 
Bird House Kit Tiago Soromenho Wooden parts and nails to make a single small bird house. 
Camp Cookware and Cooking Utensils Michael Casassa - Large bin with: pots, pans, skillets, mixing bowls, colanders - Smaller bin with: large spoons, spatulas, tongs, paring knives, peelers, etc. (Enough stuff to make a meal for 80 campers. 
Dishwashing and Piddlator Stations Michael Casassa 6 pans to make 2 dishwashing stations, includes scrub pads, dish brushes, sterilizing tablets; need dish soap. Parts for hand washing stations include twine, hand soap, stockings, and golf tees to plug piddlators; need plastic bottles to make piddlators. 
Golf-ball Balancing Game Craig Mathews Need 2 golf balls 
Huge bin full of beads and some kits Mike Puglisi for craft projects 
Key Ring Kits - Halloween Tiago Soromenho About 20 kits 
Key Ring Kits - Pony Bead Craft Craig Mathews  
Knot Board Craig Mathews  
Leather Craft Tools and Kits Craig Mathews  
Meeting sparklers Craig Mathews  
Milking Cows - Bessy and Betsy Michael Casassa They always make an appearance at Join Scouting Night. To use, one needs a sawhorse to support the cows and suspend udders, water-filled latex gloves for udders, buckets, and towels. 
Monkey Bridge for Moving Up Ceremony Michael Casassa All parts and a diagram, and a spare length of _” rope. Could use some new stakes. To assemble one needs a sledge hammer and a couple of knot-savvy boy scouts. 
Moving-up Totems and Ceremony Items Mark Melton Pony Beads and Lacing for Honor Necklaces, Leather Medallions, Eagle Feathers 
Native American Games Michael Casassa Supplies for these fun games. Instructions are included. 
Pinewood Derby Track and Electronic Finish Line Michael Casassa 7 lanes, finish line reports ”place: for 4 
Plaster Kit Tiago Soromenho Plaster powder and a 10 4"x4" pans with Cub Scouts logo in releif on the bottom 
Quiet activities and crafts Craig Mathews  
Quiet Activity - Hanging Beaded Leaves Decoration kit Tiago Soromenho 4 or 5 neoprin 6x10" sheets, some beads and some string. 
Quiet Activity - Tangram Kits Tiago Soromenho About 8 kits - Pieces and some sample configurations included. 
Rain Gutter Regatta Boat Kit (1) Tiago Soromenho  
Rain Gutter Regatta Gutters  Kevin Driscoll  2 10-foot lengths of gutter, capped and sealed, and securely braced by 2x4 beams. Need two sawhorses or other level supports and you are ready to race. 
Rope-Making Machine Craig Mathews Need high-quality twine 
Rubber Stamp Craft Craig Mathews  
Tiki Torches for Arrow of Light Ceremony Michael Casassa One large one (for Akela) and 7 small ones (for the sun rays on the emblem). Some of the latter are damaged. 2-3 quarts of fuel 
U.S.Flag (Giant) Lori Kakohnen This is Lori’s property, not pack 521’s. We carry it in parades. 
U.S. Flag (Gold Fringed) Jim McDermott A special gift from a former Pack 521 family. 
U.S. Flag (Pack 521 Official Flag) Jim McDermott Has all the merit ribbons, attached to a 6' wooden pole. 
Webelos uniforms Gabriela De La Garza-Vergara 1 neckerchief, 2 shirts 
Showing 30 items