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Information for New Cub Scout Parents

Welcome to Pack 521!

Here are few things parents should know about Cub Scouts and Pack 521.

Purpose of Scouting:     
Scouting helps the boys grow up to be the best people they can be. Cub Scouts is great fun and it is a learning experience. Our Pack's activities include emphasis on the outdoors, citizenship and community service. "Do your best!" is the Cub Scout motto; we honor all our boys for participating and trying.

Family Pack:     
Pack 521 is a family pack, and we strive to be family-friendly. That means that ALL family members are welcome at all Pack events. Our overnight camping trips are family trips. Parents are expected to participate at meetings and activities with their sons. We realize this is not always possible for busy parents, so we are flexible and strive to enable every scout's participation.
Leadership and Parents:     
Pack 521 is a vibrant, energetic Pack, thanks to the participation of our parents. All parents contribute to planning and leading our meetings and activities. Many volunteer to be official Scout leaders and take training classes given by the scout organization. We welcome parents' ideas in creating our program. No one is forced to do anything, but our parents generously contribute because their participation so enriches the experience for the boys.  Cub Scouts is a wonderful experience for parents!

Meetings and Activities:     
At monthly Pack meetings we come together to share experiences and celebrate accomplishments. Parents set the Den meeting schedules (usually twice-a-month) where scouts in each age group do activities together. All our meetings are fun and focus on the boys.  In addition to meetings the Pack and Dens go on outings, usually once a month, to visit interesting places, to go camping, etc. 

Cub scouts are organized into groups called "Dens" according to their grade or age:
  • 1st graders or 6 year olds - Tigers            
  • 2nd graders or 7 year olds - Wolves
  • 3rd graders or 8 year olds - Bears                
  • 4th & 5th graders or 9 & 10 year olds - Webelos I & II
Most of the dens' activities will be devoted to earning badges associated with each level.

Handbooks and Uniforms:     
Each scout must have a handbook and uniform appropriate to his den. These are sold at:
National Capital Area Scout Shop 
9190 Rockville Pike (NW corner of Cedar and 355), Bethesda
M-F 9-5:30, Tues till 7pm, Thurs till 8pm, Sat 10-3

PARENTS, PLEASE study the parent's supplement in the front of the handbook!     
It answers many questions about the Cub Scout program. The program is designed so that SON AND PARENT WORK TOGETHER.  Your son should bring his handbook to den meetings so the den leader can record his progress on achievements and electives. The parent tracks the Cub Scout's progress in his book.  Please keep your son's book up to date - we want your child to earn the badges, patches, and awards he deserves! You do not need to bring handbooks to pack meetings or activities. 

Scouts should wear their uniforms at all scout activities. New scouts will need a shirt (baggy, short-sleeves suggested so the scout can grow into it and wear a sweatshirt underneath), hat, neckerchief and slide, pack numerals 521, and council and world scouting patches. Tiger, Wolf and Bear Scouts wear blue Cub Scout shirts. Webelos scouts wear tan Boy Scout shirts. No need to buy official scout pants (this stuff is expensive!) The pack may have extra uniform parts; you are welcome to these.  

New Scouts must earn the Bobcat badge before they begin work on their den badges. The sooner a scout earns it, the sooner he can work toward his rank badge. Your son should work to earn this badge by the September pack meeting.  Bobcat requirements are found in all the handbooks. They are done at home with a parent and recorded by the den leader when completed.

Annual Fees and Forms:     
$60 for pack expenses (awards, training, renting facilities), $10 for official registration, $12 (optional) for Boys' Life Magazine. Please complete official registration form and contact information, Parent Talent Survey, and Health Release Form. There may be additional fees for dens and participation in specific activities. We don't plan to do fundraising.

New scouts can enter the program at any time, and they start at the level that is appropriate for their age.  Pack 521 welcomes scouts from all schools. Cub Scouts should be available to all. If finances or family schedules are standing in the way of your son's participation, please let us know.