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The Pledge of Allegiance as Recited by Red Skelton 
The famous comedian Red Skelton told a story about a teacher he had as a boy who noticed that children were reciting the pledge without thinking about what it means. The teacher then recited this annotated pledge, which we recite at our Blue and Gold Banquet.

Arrow of Light Ceremony 
Script used in our annual Arrow of Light Ceremony. Ideally done as part of a pack camping trip, at dusk, and at a special site somewhat remote from the rest of the camp activities.

Moving Up Ceremony 
Our annual graduation event, celebrating everyone's having "Done Their Best," and moving into the next stage of scouting. Additional resources:

Mt. Vernon Wreath Laying Ceremony
Pack 521 scouts visit Mt Vernon, explore the historic trail, and present a wreath that they have made at George Washington's tomb.