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Moving Up Ceremony Event Template

Pack 521 Moving Up Event��������������������������������������������������� Updated 5/21/2009


When:������������ Friday June 19, 3:00�8:00 (Come earlier if you like, we have reserved a pavilion for the full day)


Where:����������� Seneca Creek State Park, Doe Pavilion



What:������������� 3:00-6:00�������� Fishing, scout crafts, games (mainly we will be fishing).

Start time is flexible� whenever you arrive.

����������������������� 5:30���������������� Dinner preparations, if any

����������������������� 6:00-7:00�������� Family pot luck dinner,

����������������������� 7:00-8:00�������� Awards and �moving up� ceremony

����������������������� 8:00-8:30�������� Pack up, park closes at 8:30 (sunset)


Cost: � ����������� Park Access - $3 per vehicle


Important:����� Bring fishing gear and bait

����������������������� Bring water bottle, sunscreen, bug spray

Sign up with Adele Mathews: Ctm1alm@aol.com� 301-881-4802

to help, to attend, and to bring food, supplies, etc.





Overall coordinator - Know who is coming, helping, and bringing what types of dishes and eating/cooking supplies; make sure all bases are covered

Adele Mathews:�� Ctm1alm@aol.com


Buffet manager: oversee layout of buffet;





Monkey bridge assembly - We need at least one helper (two would be better) to work with Michael for 30 minutes, between 2:30 and 3:00








Helpers for fishing












Helpers for games and crafts (The major activity will be fishing, but we will have these available for scouts as they arrive, or to otherwise keep them busy. There is also a playground right next to the pavilion)

- Games

- Leather craft

- Rope tricks