We Wish There Was Room Enough To List The Many 
Assistant Cubmasters, Den Leaders, Assistant Den Leaders, Committee Members And Other Volunteers Who Have Served The Pack Over The 
Last 20+ Years.

Thank You For Making Scouting Possible For Garrett Park Boys!

1997 Lorrie Hartwell, Founder, First Cubmaster




Committee Chairperson
M. Casassa2009-2010K. Driscoll 
J. McDermott2010-2011M. Casassa
J. McDermott2011-2012K. Driscoll 
J. McDermott2012-2013K. Driscoll 
J. Mulligan, Jr.2013-2014K. Driscoll 
J. Mulligan, Jr.2014-2015K. Driscoll 
Jo. Balbach2015-2016K. Driscoll 
M. Clegg2016-2017Je. Balbach
J. Ryder2017-2018Je. Balbach
J. Ryder 2018-2019C. Oskvig
 S. Woodruff 2019-2020 C. Oskvig